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Connect your Team to SigParser
Connect your Team to SigParser

Teams of any size can connect to SigParser and benefit from valuable relationship data.

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No matter the size of your team, connecting to SigParser provides valuable relationship insights for your organization.

See how well a team member knows a person or company, how often they are interacting with them, and the strength of those relationships.

Team-wide relationship visibility breaks down information silos, improves workflows, and strengthens the effectiveness of networking and outreach.

Create your SigParser Team Account

Add Users

Users can access and manage the SigParser account based on the permissions you define.

They may be prompted to connect a mailbox, but it is not necessary to be an account User.

Connect your Colleagues to SigParser

No matter your team size, there are multiple ways to connect to SigParser.

Invite colleagues to connect their mailboxes

Ideal for smaller teams. Those invited will have access to the SigParser account and will take steps to connect their mailboxes. Refer to the section above to manage their access and permissions.

  • In your SigParser account, go to Mailboxes > +Add > Invite People to Connect

  • Enter the email addresses of the team member's you want to connect to your SigParser account.

  • Team members will receive an email invitation and can follow the steps to join the team account as a User and connect their mailbox.

Establish an Admin Connection

Ideal for larger teams. Your IT administrator can connect employee mailboxes to SigParser by following the steps below. Mailbox owners do not need to have access to the SigParser team account or take any actions to connect their mailboxes.

Purchase History or Subscription

You can purchase a one-time history scan for each of your connected mailboxes to access up to 10 years of historical interaction data.

You can purchase a subscription which will perform daily, ongoing scans on the active mailboxes and add/update any data in your SigParser account. You are charged per active mailbox that is being scanned.

One-time History Scans

  • In your SigParser account, go to Mailboxes > select Scan More next to the mailbox you wish to scan > select the type of history scan to perform on the mailbox > proceed to the secure checkout process.

  • You can select different one-time scan options for each mailbox that is connected.


  • In your SigParser account, go to the Dashboard > select Scan New Emails > proceed to the secure checkout process.

Team-wide Relationship Visibility

  • Use your team's relationship data to facilitate warm introductions, monitor relationships, account transitions, and more!

If you have any questions, send us an email at You can also book a demo session HERE.

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