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Team-wide Relationship Visibility
Team-wide Relationship Visibility

Facilitate warm introductions, monitor relationships, accounts transitions, and more.

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No matter the size of your team, connecting to SigParser provides valuable relationship insights for your organization.

See how well a team member knows a person or company, how often they are interacting with them, and the strength of those relationships.

Team-wide relationship visibility breaks down information silos, improves workflows, and strengthens the effectiveness of networking and outreach.

Refer to the Connect your Team to SigParser article to get started.

Co-worker Profiles

  • In your SigParser account, go to Coworkers

  • Select a Coworker from the list to open their profile

  • The Companies tab will show you the interaction data for this employee's Company relationships.

  • The Contacts tab will show you the interaction data for this employee's Contact relationships.

  • You can filter interaction data by date range.

  • Companies & Contacts are displayed based on the highest number of outbound emails the employee has sent to the company or contact, ordered from most to least outbound email interactions.

  • Click on a Company or Contact to see the profile.

  • Select Export to export the data in CSV format.

Warm Introductions, Cross-Selling, Event Planning

SigParser offers insights into your team's relationships, assessing how well each member knows a person or company.
Easily identify the best team member to make introductions, approach cross-selling opportunities, or extend event invitations, fostering stronger connections and enhancing your network's impact.

  • The Relationships tab will show you the connection strength that your team member's have with contacts from a particular company.

See which team members have the strongest relationships with contacts at key companies to facilitate warm introductions, cross-selling opportunities, or extend event and meeting invitations.

Relationship Management

SigParser presents your employee's relationships as a valuable dataset, providing insights into their connection strength and collaboration frequency.
Understand your team's existing networks and manage key relationships with proactive outreach based on last interaction date, enhancing overall collaboration and effectiveness.

See how many interaction types (inbound / outbound emails & meetings) an employee has had with a Company or Contact, and the latest interaction date. Understand who is in a team member's network and how often they are interacting.

  • Select a Company or Contact record to see the profile for that record. The graphs under the Interactions tab will allow you to visualize and monitor interaction activity over time.

  • The Interactions tab will also display all associated records, interactions, and the Relationship Status. Use this to determine if outreach is needed to re-engage Fading, Cold, or Inactive relationships

Account Transitions

SigParser provides a complete record of all relationships across your company.
If an employee leaves or moves into a new role, the new relationship owners can quickly identify the most important contacts, facilitating smooth account transitions.

This will show you the Companies and Contacts your co-worker has been most active with and the date of the last interaction. Quickly identify what Companies and Contacts are most valuable in your team member's network for smooth account transitions.

If you have any questions, send us an email at You can also book a demo session HERE.

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