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Add Users & Manage Permissions
Add Users & Manage Permissions
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Connecting the mailboxes of other team members within your organization allows you to see relationship data that can help you get warm introductions, monitor & transition relationships, and more.

You can assign Roles for each user, which define various levels of access they will have within the SigParser account.

Note: You must be an Administrator to add new users.

Adding Users

  1. Go to Settings -> Users -> Users

  2. Assign a role for the user.

    1. Note: Admin roles have a high-level of account access & management.

  3. Enter the user’s email address

    1. The user must sign up for their account with this email address.

  4. Click Add

    1. The user will receive an email. They will be asked to accept the invitation and join the SigParser account.

Watch the following video for step-by-step instructions:


The invited user didn't get the email invite

  • The user can go to and signup. We'll see that their email address matches the one you invited and they'll get access.

The user signed up but can't see the same contacts

  • The user may have created their own, separate SigParser account. A user can only be assigned to one SigParser account at a time.

  • The user will need to delete their account and then sign up again. When they sign up they'll be prompted to join the team.

If you have any questions, send us an email at You can also book a demo session HERE.

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