SigParser Overview
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What is SigParser?

SigParser is a software tool that securely scans emails, calendars, address books, spreadsheets and more to automatically generate profiles on the people and companies who have interacted with your business.

SigParser deduplicates, cleans, enriches, and categorizes relationship data and keeps track of important updates in real-time.

This data is valuable for maintaining up-to-date contact lists, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, and other business applications.

How Does SigParser Work?

SigParser securely connects to one or thousands of employee email and calendar accounts to scan and capture contact and company relationship data.

SigParser can also import and scan CSV files, address books, CRM records and more to create a single, unified view of all your relationships.

What Can you do with SigParser?

Update your CRM

  • If you are starting from scratch with a new CRM system, SigParser can collect detailed contact and company information that you can import into your CRM.

  • If you have an existing CRM that needs a cleanup, you can connect your CRM to SigParser and automatically update contact and company records based on the information SigParser collects from your mailbox.

Create Contact Lists

  • Quickly and easily create a detailed contact list of the people and companies you have interacted with over the years.

  • With SigParser, there is no need to search your inbox and manually update contact information in a spreadsheet. SigParser does this for you and creates robust contact and company profiles.

Create Marketing Lists

  • SigParser tracks hundreds of relationship attributes in real-time, allowing you to quickly create targeted lists for marketing campaigns based on location, industry, job title and more.

  • Use this information to notify your clients and colleagues that your company is rebranding, moving to a new location, or hosting an event in their area.

Simplify Relationship Management

  • SigParser keeps track of every relationship your Coworkers have and how well each Coworker knows a person or company.

  • Use this information to transition account management, get warm introductions, and identify who is the best person to make an introduction.

Power Custom Apps

  • SigParser has multiple options for developers looking to securely parse contents out of emails, email signatures, and calendars.

  • SigParser Parsing APIs can be used for any application that needs cleaned and structured data from emails and meeting requests.

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