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Getting Started with Office 365
Getting Started with Office 365
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We'll connect Office 365 and set SigParser to automatically create and update contacts every day for you.

  1. Go to Settings -> Data Sources and click "Add" on the Office 365 connector.

  2. Authenticate and accept the permissions.

  3. You should see a screen to configure your mailbox settings. Click the checkboxes for "Create contacts" and "Update contacts".

  4. Click "Save"

  5. Go to the Dashboard to see the email processing progress. You will get an email when processing completes.

Need to monitor multiple mailboxes? See the Mailboxes section below.

If no contacts were created in Office 365, follow these troubleshooting steps.

Automatic Contact Creation/Updating from SigParser

SigParser can automatically push new contact records and update existing contact records in your Outlook Contacts. We don't suggest using this feature. Instead we suggest just exporting a CSV file and importing that. If you want more information contact our sales team.

Office 365 Security Permission Details

When you connect Office 365 we ask for the following permissions and for these reasons.

  • Mail.Read.Shared - Grants SigParser read only access to your email. This doesn't give SigParser any rights to modify or delete your email.

  • Calendars.Read.Shared - Allows SigParser to read the events on your calendar to display analytics in the user interface and discover more contact details.

  • Contacts.ReadWrite.Shared - Allows SigParser to create and update contacts automatically for you. By default SigParser doesn't but as soon as you're done connecting, you can enable this feature.

  • User.ReadBasic.All - Allows SigParser to discover your email address and also display suggestions when you're adding more mailboxes if you need to.

  • offline_access - Needed for SigParser to check your email and calendar every day without your intervention.

If your company doesn't allow accessing these permissions by SigParser, see the steps they can follow to enable access.

You will have to reconnect your Office 365 email accounts every 90 days to SigParser. It's a limitation of the Office 365 API.


SigParser can manage multiple Office 365 mailboxes under a single connection such as mailboxes that are shared (support@...) or email accounts with delegated access to other mailboxes such as mailboxes of former employees or subordinates.

Monitor Delegated Mailboxes

A single connection can access multiple delegated mailboxes. But you need to do the following steps.

  1. Make a list of all the mailboxes you want to SigParser to monitor. This helps keep track of things if you're doing more than a few email accounts.

  2. Open the Office 365 Admin Portal

    • Go to users

    • Create a new "SigParser" user (not required but suggested for security and organization purposes)

      • Use or a buy a license with email access. The cheapest option is probably the Exchange Online (Plan 1)

    • For each user you want SigParser to extract contacts for

      • Click the user to open it

        • Expand "Mail"

        • Click "Mailbox Permissions"

          • Click "Edit" for "Read and Manage"

          • Click "Add Permission"

          • Pick the "SigParser" user account you created or pick the email account you connected in the SigParser App.

        • Click Save or Close

      • Repeat for each mailbox to monitor

  3. Wait 1 hour

    • Office 365 can take a long time to update the permissions.

  4. Login to SigParser

    • Connect the "SigParser" Office 365 user you just created to SigParser.

      • Click Mailboxes -> Add Mailbox -> Add for Office 365

      • Authenticate as the SigParser user account you just setup in Office 365.

    • Add all the child mailboxes.

      • Click Mailboxes -> Add Mailbox but this time scroll down to the Connect Many Mailboxes section and click Add for Office 365

      • Click the name of the connection you just setup.

      • Paste or type a list of mailboxes into the textbox.

      • Click Add Mailboxes

      • You should see each of the mailboxes at the bottom of the screen as they are added. The mailboxes will automatically start processing within a few hours. You can manually start the processing for a few of the mailboxes if you'd like.

Managing Settings

Each mailbox has it's own set of settings to control things like updating and creating contacts and permissions. You can also buy additional email history at a per mailbox level.

Disable Checking Mailboxes

You can disable checking a specific mailbox by clicking the "Disable Mailbox" button. This will not disable the entire connection of mailboxes.

Updating Contacts

Contacts are updated based on their email address.

  • Title

    • Only filled in if it is empty or previously set by SigParser.

  • Mobile Phone

    • Only filled in if it is empty or previously set by SigParser.

  • Other phone numbers

    • Only filled in if blank.

  • Address

    • Only filled in if blank.

Creating Contacts

Contacts are created if no contact already exists in Office 365 Contacts with the same email address. Contacts are always created per connected mailbox.

Caution!!! We suggest only enabling this feature if SigParser is only connected to your own personal email accounts. If your entire company's email accounts are connected to SigParser you could end up with tens of thousands of contacts being pushed to your Office 365 contacts.

SigParser will set the following fields on any contacts:

  • Title

  • Mobile Phone

  • Business Phones

  • Home Phones

  • Address

  • Company Name

  • File As - Set to the first and last name

Missing contacts

If SigParser didn't create contacts in Office 365 that you expected it to, you can do the following to force it to resync the contacts. This can happen if the pervious processing job completed before you set the "Create contacts" checkbox to checked.

  1. Go to the Settings -> Data Sources

  2. Click "Edit" on email account

  3. Verify the "Create contacts" checkbox is checked on the mailbox you expect. This is at the bottom of the page.

  4. Go to the top of the page and click "Push Contacts".

  5. In the modal window, select a date in the past (format 1/1/2018) and you'll see an estimate of the number of contacts SigParser will attempt to resync.

  6. Click "Submit". It will then run a job to try and push any contacts it can.

Grant OAuth Access

One common issue is for employees of organizations, especially large ones, is that the IT teams disallow mail access via OAuth. This makes it impossible for SigParser to access the email. But you can follow these steps to resolve the issue.

The generic documentation from Microsoft on how to grant/revoke OAuth app permissions is here if you want to read it.

OAuth apps are managed in the Office 365 Cloud App Security portal. You must be a global administrator or security administrator to perform the following task.

  1. Go to the Cloud App Security portal https://portal.cloudappsecurity.comand sign in.

    • If you are told you need purchase the "Cloud App Security" portal then this likely isn't the issue.

  2. From the left menu choose Investigate > OAuth apps.

  3. You should see "SigParser" listed in the apps list.

  4. Click the "Checkmark" to grant SigParser access.

You can view the permissions SigParser requests by clicking on the row.

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