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Overview: Filtering & Grid Views
Overview: Filtering & Grid Views

Information on the Contact and Company pages in your SigParser account.

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Contacts & Companies

In your SigParser account, select either Contacts or Companies from the top menu.

Your contact or company profiles will be shown in a grid.

Contact & Company Count

The total number of contacts or companies shown is based on the View or Filter applied.

Columns & Rows

The columns are the different data fields SigParser can populate.

Each row is a unique contact or company record.


The Search button will display search fields for each column. Enter the information you are looking for in the corresponding search box.

Reset your search criteria with the icon.

Importing CSV Files

You can Import Contact or Company records in CSV format by selecting Import.

Exporting Contact & Company Records

You can export all or selected records by selecting Export.

If you have a Professional or Enterprise subscription with a CRM connected, you can also use this to manually export records to your CRM.

Updating Records - Tags & Statuses

Select one or multiple records and then select Update to add custom tags or change the status of these records.

Add a Record

Manually add a record by selecting the button.

Refresh your data by selecting the button.

For additional support, select the button.

Grid Views

The Views drop-down menu allows you to choose what data you want to view based on different column and filter options.

There are pre-set views to help you get started.

You can customize these pre-set options or create your own custom views. Use this drop-down to toggle between your views.

Manage Views

Select Manage to manage your views. From here, you can customize filters, columns, view preferences, copy, and delete a view.

The gear icon will allow you to customize the view preferences of that selected view.

To create a new view, select Add from the drop-down menu.

Add filters and columns based on your preferences.

Apply Filters

Use the Filter icon to apply various filters to your grid.

Add & Remove Columns

Use the Column Picker to choose what fields you want to view.

If you have any questions, send us an email at You can also book a demo session HERE.

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