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Configure Task Scheduler Job for On Premise Engine
Configure Task Scheduler Job for On Premise Engine
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  1. Go go the Task Scheduler in Windows

  2. Go to the folder Task Scheduler Library

  3. Click Import Task and import the XML file c:/sigparser/EmailFetcher/SigParser Email Fetcher Template.xml

  4. Configure the task

    1. General tab

      1. Name: SigParser Email Fetcher 1

      2. Select Run whether the user is logged on or not

    2. Triggers tab

      1. Customize the trigger as you see fit

    3. Actions tab

      1. Edit the Action

      2. In the Arguments field modify the instance ID to include your company name.

      3. Example: --instance=MyCo1 mailboxlistfile="C:\sigparser\mailboxes.txt"

      4. Click OK

    4. Click OK to finish creating the task

Test the task by:

  1. Right clicking on the task in the list

  2. Click Run

  3. You can view the logs by opening the file C:\sigparser\EmailFetcher\emailfetcher.log

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