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Microsoft 365 - Archive folder emails not being mined?
Microsoft 365 - Archive folder emails not being mined?
Updated over a week ago

SigParser will try to mine all of the available folders in a Microsoft 365 account, including online Archive folders. But sometimes it is confusing whether a folder will be accessible to SigParser for mining. Sometimes Archive folders are actually located on your local machine because you only have limited storage in the cloud.

How to check if SigParser can access the folder.

Login to your web version of Outlook. If you see the Archive folder with all the emails there then SigParser should be able to access it.

If you see the folder in your web version of Outlook then contact so we can investigate.

Local Files

If the archives are local then you need to take the PST file and upload it to SigParser for processing.

  1. Close Outlook (the upload won't work if Outlook is open)

  2. Login to SigParser

  3. Go to Mailboxes -> Add Mailbox -> Upload Email Archive (PST)

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