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Create and Update People

SigParser can automatically create People in Pipedrive. See this guide on details for configuring which contacts get pushed.

SigParser can also find People to upate by email address in Pipedrive.

SigParser will set the following fields. It will only fill in missing values or values it previously set.

  • Phone Numbers
    • work, mobile, other, home
  • Title
    • SigParser looks for a field named "title" or "jobtitle" or "job title" which is editable.
      • There isn't a default title field in Pipedrive so you should add this field if you want it auto populated.
    • Updating title automatically can be disabled when configuring the connection in SigParser.
  • Address Fields
    • SigParser looks for a field of type "address" which is editable. If you just have a text field for addresses, SigParser won't populate that.
  • Organization (Create only)
    • SigParser can create/update organizations based on the rules you define.
    • The organization name will just be the domain name of the contact. You can change it manually later.
    • Matching Organizations are found by looking for People in Pipedrive with the same domain name and what Organizations they're assigned to.
  • OwnerId (Create only)
    • Only if enabled
    • If there is a matching Organization then the owner of that Organization's owner is used.
    • If the contact appeared in a mailbox that matches a user in Pipedrive then assign that matching user to the contact.
    • Otherwise match then the contact owner is the person who setup the SigParser to Pipedrive connection.
  • SigParser Mailboxes
    • Create a custom field called SigParser Mailboxes with the type Large Text
    • Will automatically be filled in with a comma separated list of mailboxes that the contact appeared in.

Create Organizations

SigParser can automatically create organizations for People in Pipedrive.

  • Name
    • Always set to the domain name like microsoft.com or bigco.com
  • Website - Will be set if the field exists.
  • OwnerId
    • Only if enabled
    • This comes from the OwnerId that was determined to be best for the Person using either the mailbox or whoever setup the Salesforce connection.
  • Domain Name
    • This is a custom field you need to create on the Organization object. It must be named "Domain Name" (casing matters)

How The Sync Process Works

  1. Every 8 - 24 hours
  2. If the first time pulling contacts
    • SigParser pulls every contact email address and ID for efficient sync operations
    • Otherwise, SigParser just pulls any new contacts or changes
  3. SigParser loops thru every contact with changes since the last sync job and checks if there are any matches in Pipedrive based on the local cache.
    • For any contact with updates in SigParser
      • Pull the latest record from Pipedrive
      • Updated any fields SigParser can update
      • Push the updated contact to Pipedrive.
    • If creating contacts is configured and no record exists in Pipedrive
      • SigParser creates a new contact in Pipedrive.


Duplicate People

Do not turn on Pipedrive's built in contact sync from Google Contacts or Outlook

If SigParser is pushing contacts to both Google Contacts AND Pipedrive AND the Google Contacts to Pipedrive sync is enabled you will get duplicates.

Why do I get duplicates?

Pipedrive's contact sync will create a contact for new contact in Google Contacts regardless if thee is already a contact that matches in Pipedrive on email address and name.

What should I do?

Disable the Pipedrive sync for Google Contacts. Click your name at the top right in Pipedrive, go to Tools and apps and then Contact sync and turn off the contact sync.

Fix duplicates

Pipedrive has a good duplicate merge tool. If you have a bunch of duplicates they're easy to cleanup. Click your name at the top right, click Tools and Apps and then Merge Duplicates.

If you have a lot of duplicates you may want to use a tool like Deduply which starts at $19.

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