Secure Setup Checklist

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SigParser can be configured in my different ways. This checklist will make sure you've thought about the various configuration options.

  • Only 1 or 2 Admins - Make sure only one or two people in your organization are administrators of SigParser. Admins can change roles and access. It is not a good idea to make everyone an Admin.
  • Coworker domains and email addresses - Mark your Company record as Coworker to when you first start using SigParser. This will hide all the internal communication and calculate the statistics properly. Sometimes there are many Company records that need to be configured as Coworker.
  • Exclude sensitive domains and email addresses - You can exclude sensitive domains and email addresses from ever being ingested into SigParser by configuring the Mailbox Scan Rules. This is suggested for any external domain such as your HR company, legal or any companies you're doing M&A that you don't want people to see. Don't configure your own internal domain in this. You need to activate the Mailbox Scan Rules permission to be able to manage this.
  • Permission: External Email Reader -Turning this on lets everyone read any email that is external even if the user wasn't on the email. Some teams want this but this can be dangerous to turn on if there are sensitive emails.
  • Email Signatures - SigParser captures email signatures by default to display in the UI. This can be disabled by submitting a support ticket. Additionally, if you don't want to show email signature previews to a specific role there is a permission called Latest Email Signature.
  • Permission: Subjects and Attachments - If you don't want users to be able to see the subjects and attachments for interactions in the application you can turn them off with this permission at the role level.
  • Permission: Can See All Contacts - If this is disabled then the user can only see contacts they had interactions with based on the mailbox the user is the owner of. For this feature to work each user needs to be mapped to a specific mailbox when configuring the user.
  • Permission: Internal Contact Manager - Only the admin should have this because it allows modifying the Coworker records and could cause internal communication to become visible in the application.

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