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CSV Formatting: Change Semicolon to Comma
CSV Formatting: Change Semicolon to Comma
Updated over a week ago

CSV files imported into SigParser must be formatting with a comma (,) list separator. You can update your system settings to save this export feature by default.


  • Select the Start menu

  • Search Control Panel

  • Select Control Panel (Desktop app)

  • Select Clock & Region

  • Select Region

  • Select Additional settings in the pop-up window.

  • Change the List separator to comma.

  • Select Apply

  • Select OK


  • Select File > Options > Advanced

  • Clear the check box 'Use system separators'

  • Set 'Decimal separator' to a point (dot), and 'Thousands separator' to a comma.

    • If these options are already configured, you can keep these settings selected.

  • Click OK.

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