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Creating a Custom Grid View

Use Views to choose how to display your data in SigParser.

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In SigParser, you can change the layout of your Contact, Company, and Coworker pages by creating and customizing a new Grid View.

Grid Views

  • In SigParser, records are displayed in a Grid View.

  • The columns are the different data fields SigParser can populate.

  • Each row is a unique record (Contact, Company, or Coworker)

  • You can apply filter criteria to Grid Views, and move between different Views based on what information you want to see.

Applying Different Grid Views

  • You can access different Views by selecting the Views drop-down menu.

  • Select an option from the menu to apply that View to your Grid.

  • The total record count shown on the page is based on what View or Filter is applied.

Pre-Populated Grid Views

  • To help you get started, SigParser has pre-populated Grid Views. These Views contain helpful filter criteria to easily display your records with relevant information.

    • All Records & Columns: All data fields available in SigParser (Columns) and records labeled as either Valid or Ignored. This view cannot be removed or edited.

    • All Valid Contacts: Contacts the system has identified as Valid based on email verification and interactions.

    • All Ignored Contacts: Contacts the systems has labeled as Ignore based on email verification and interactions.

    • Contact CRM Details: Details on the record status in relation to your connected CRM.

Creating a New View

  • Select the Views drop-down menu > Add

  • Name your View > select additional Visibility Settings if needed > Save

Customizing Views

  • From the Views drop-down menu select Manage

  • You can edit any of the views shown in the module

    • Edit the visibility settings of that View.

    • Edit what filters that are applied to that View

    • Edit what fields (columns) are applied to that View

    • Duplicate a View and the associated filters

    • Delete a View

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