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Importing CSV Files with Custom Tags (Values)
Importing CSV Files with Custom Tags (Values)

Tags you apply in your CSV file can be imported with the associated record in SigParser.

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Click HERE for instructions on Importing a CSV or PST file.

Adding a Tag Type (Column)

Adding a Tag Type will allow you to create a column in SigParser that is custom to the tags you wish to import.

  • Go to Settings > Groups > Tag Types

  • Select Add Tag Type > Enter a name for your Tag Type

  • Select Add Tag Type

Mapping Tags When Importing

If you have a custom tag as shown below, you can map this tag under your newly created Tag Type (Column.)

  • Go to Settings > Imports > File Imports > +Import

  • Select the type of records you are importing (Contact, Company, or Coworker) > Select your file > Next

  • When mapping your data fields, map the tag to the newly created Tag Type (listed under the Groups option).

  • When all your fields are mapped, select Import File

Viewing Tagged Records

Once the import is complete, you can view your record and associated tags.

Depending on what type of records you imported (Contact, Company, Coworker), select that page from the top menu.

  • Select the Column Picker icon > select Groups > Select your newly created Tag Type > Save

  • Select Search > Select the funnel icon next to your Tag Type > select the tags you wish to view under this record

  • You can also apply a filter from the Views drop-down menu to view these records.

If you have any questions, send us an email at You can also book a demo session HERE.

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