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Importing CSV Files

Import Contact, Company, and Coworker data via CSV files.

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If you have CSV files with contact, company, or coworker data, these can be easily imported into SigParser, so all your contacts are in one place.

How to Import

  1. In your SigParser account, go to Settings > Imports > File Imports > select +Import.

    1. You can also import by going to the Contacts, Companies, or Coworkers pages and selecting Import from that page.

  2. You can use the drop-down menu to select the data type you are importing: contact, company, or coworker data.

  3. Select a file (CSV file) > select Next

  4. Select how you want your fields to map from your file to SigParser. See Mapping Data Fields & Advanced Options below for more information.

  5. Click upload and wait for the import to complete.

Mapping Data Fields & Advanced Options

Map the columns from your data file to SigParser fields (columns).

  • By leaving a field unmapped (leaving as Select An Option) this field will be skipped and not imported into SigParser.

  • For birthdate, use the format: mm/dd/yyyy

Advanced Options

Use these options to optimize your file import.

Source Date For All Imported Records

  • Select the date the file was created. This will help SigParser determine interaction data and the accuracy of imported records vs. any that already exist from your mailbox scan.

Source Quality For All Imported Records

  • If you are confident in the accuracy of the data in your file, select a high source score. SigParser will then treat the file as a source of truth for any duplicates that are found.

  • If the data in your file may be inaccurate, select a Med or Low Quality Score and SigParser will defer to the data scanned from your mailbox as the source of truth.

High (score = 90)

Med (score = 50)

Low (score = 20)

For more information on Source Scoring, refer to THIS help article.

View File Import History

Select Settings > Imports > File Imports. From this page, you can:

  • See, search, and filter your file import history

  • Select the file for more details

  • Select +Import to import another file

Duplicate handling

SigParser will match contacts on email addresses and companies on domain names and ensure duplicate contacts and companies aren't created during the import process.

Watch the following video for additional information:

If you have any questions, send us an email at You can also book a demo session HERE.

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