Configure CRM Field Mapping
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With a CRM connection, you have the ability to configure what SigParser records are sent to your CRM and how they are sent.

Configure Field Mapping

  • Go to Connectors > select the connected CRM > select Export Options > select Configure Field Mapping

  • Choose Select to map fields for Account (Company), Contact, and Lead data.

    • Salesforce: If you install the Managed Package, this mapping will be auto-populated for you. You can edit some fields as-needed.

  • Select the field from SigParser, how you want the field to map,, and what field you want to apply it to in the CRM.

  • Add & Update: If the record was already filled in before the CRM was connected to SigParser, the existing record is treated as the source of truth and the record will not be updated in the CRM. If the record has a missing value, SigParser will add it.

  • Add and Overwrite: Overwrite the existing record in the CRM. Treating SigParser data as the source of truth.

  • Add Only: Only fill in the field if it is a new record created by SigParser. Will not update or overwrite an existing field.

  • Add/remove, turn on/off, and access additional settings for each field.

Watch the following video for more information:

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