Configuring CRM Auto Sync
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Auto Sync Contact & Company Records to CRM

To automatically send Contact and Company records to your connected CRM, go to the Connectors page > select the CRM > select Configure Auto Sync.

  • Select the options for adding and updating records in your connected application.

    • For Salesforce, you may only select either Contact Records or Lead Records, not both.

  • To update Contact Records > select Add New Contact Records

  • To update Company Records > select Update Existing Account Records

  • Settings will allow you to set additional parameters for how Contact records are sent to your CRM

    • Example: Add the Contact to the CRM if there is at least one inbound and one outbound email interaction.

  • Make sure to configure “Only add Contacts with a First and Last Name value.”

  • SigParser must have these values configured to update Contact records in the CRM.

Sync Updates

Quick Update:

  • Only checking records with changes within SigParser and the CRM. If auto-sync is configured, this runs daily. You can select this option if records have changed since the last sync, and you want a quick update.

  • Will take a few minutes to complete.

Full Update:

  • To use when you are configuring your CRM sync with SigParser OR if you have recently deleted many CRM records.

  • Will take a few hours to complete if you have a CRM with a lot of data.

Additional Options

Watch the following video for more information:

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