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Subscribe to cloud Email Parsing API (
Subscribe to cloud Email Parsing API (
Updated over a week ago

If you want to subscribe to use our cloud based email parsing API endpoints at you should do these steps.

First: Do the trial and test the API

We provide all new users 500 trial API requests for both the Contact and Message splitting API endpoints.

  • Signup for a free trial SigParser account

  • Go to Settings -> Developers -> Generate API Key

  • Use the API key to make API requests.

  • You can view your trial usage details at the bottom of the Developer page. It only updates every couple minutes.

Ready to subscribe?

  1. Review the API pricing plans here.

  2. Login to SigParser

  3. Add your credit card payment method

    1. Settings -> Billing -> Click Add/Update Payment Method

    2. Add your payment details and save

  4. Email support@sigparser.comwith the following details:

    1. Username you signed up with

    2. Type of API you need (Message or Contact)

  5. The SigParser team will start your subscription. You will get billed at the end of each billing period for any usage. A receipt will be sent to you whenever you're billed.

Need to cancel?

Email and we can cancel your subscription.

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