Managed Package Setup
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You should install the SigParser managed package when using Salesforce. It will create dedicated fields on Contacts and Leads for data from SigParser. To set it up you need to do the following.

  1. Verify you have a domain setup for your Salesforce instance.

    • Setup -> My Domain -> Choose a name and deploy it. It will ask you to login again. Then click Deploy to Users

    • Be sure to install For all users

      • This gives all users access to the app but not all the fields. It makes the app available to all the users. If you Install for Admins then the Admin would have to assign the app to each user.

  2. Connect SigParser to Salesforce from within SigParser (Connectors -> Add Connector -> Salesforce -> Login)

  3. Purchase a SigParser subscription. Be sure you pick the subscription tier with support for Salesforce.

  4. In Salesforce add the SigParser fields to the Contact and Lead pages.

  5. You do not need to configure the contact sync within SigParser. Once the managed package is installed and you setup the connection to Salesforce from SigParser then SigParser will automatically detect the managed package in Salesforce and fill in the dedicated fields.

Adding fields to layout for Contact or Lead

  1. First disable caching

    • Go to Setup -> Session Settings

    • Under Caching section

    • Uncheck Enable secure and persistent browser caching to improve performance

    • Click Save at the bottom of the page.

  2. Go to the Contact* page

    • Click the Gear icon at the top right and click Edit Object

    • Open Page Layouts on the left

    • Choose which layout to edit.

      • Depending on the end user choose which layout to edit. The standard Contact Layout is the most common and is what an admin sees.

  3. On the contact layout editing page drag a Section component below the Additional Information section and name it SigParser

    • Shift + Click the SigParser fields at the top and drag them into the SigParser section.

    • Rearrange the fields to the order you want.

    • Multiselect all the fields you just added.

      • Click the wrench icon on the right of the columns you added and make them all read only.

    • At the top click Related List

      • Select Coworker to Contact Relationship and drag it to the bottom under the Related Lists section.

      • Click the gear icon on the Coworker to Contact Relationship section you just added.

        • Pick the columns on the left to show by moving them to the right. We suggest Relationship Name, Emails and Meetings

        • Sort by Emails Descending

    • Click Save at the top left. Click Yes if prompted.

  4. Go to the Contact page and review changes.

  5. Click the Gear icon on the Contact page and click Edit Page

    • Click on the middle block with the tabs.

      • On the right side menu click Add Tab and choose Custom and name it SigParser

    • On the left find the Related List - Single and drag it into the new custom SigParser tab area.

      • Click the Related List and for the property for Related List select Coworker to Contact Relationships

  6. Enable session disable caching now that all changes are complete.

    • Go to Setup -> Session Settings

    • Under Caching section

    • Check Enable secure and persistent browser caching to improve performance

    • Click Save at the bottom of the page.

  7. Do these same steps but for the Account page.

    • The account page should have the related list Coworker to Company Relationship Metrics added to it as well.


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