PST Files FAQ & Troubleshooting
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For instructions on how to upload a PST file to SigParser, review the PST Files (Email Archive) article.

Why isn’t my PST upload working?

  • You must close Outlook in order to upload your file. If Outlook is open and running, it cannot upload your file.

  • Check that your internet connection is stable.

What if my file is password protected?

  • That's fine. We are still able to open the file. PST file password protection isn't very good. It's mainly Outlook that can't open the files.

Only a few emails were found in a large PST file

  • The PST file may have been exported with the wrong configuration so that none of the email addresses were included in the file. If you open the PST file in Outlook and open an email can you see the email addresses for the people in the From, To and CC fields? If not, you may need to reconfigure the export settings and try again.

  • Did you convert an OST file to a PST file? SigParser can't always process PST files that were converted from OST files.

How is the PST estimate generated?

  • We analyze all the emails in the PST quickly to determine the age of every email. Older emails are cheaper than newer emails.

Why are old emails cheaper than newer emails?

  • As time goes by, contacts might leave their company or titles and phone numbers change. So old data just isn't as valuable as newer data.

How large can the PST file be?

  • We suggest not uploading a PST file larger than 40GB. We might not be able to process a file that large.

My PST job is stuck in the "Queued" state?

How long do you keep my file?

  • We keep the PST files you upload for 30 days. They'll be automatically deleted whether you purchase a PST extract or not.

My PST file estimate disappeared?

  • You have 15 days to purchase the PST file you upload. If you don't, we'll delete it.

  • You might notice we keep the file for 30 days but you only have 15 days to purchase. This is so if you purchase on day 15 and the file is massive we have 15 days to process it before it is deleted.

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