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Dynamics 365 - Configure Contact Sync
Dynamics 365 - Configure Contact Sync
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SigParser can automatically create based on a set of rules. See this guide on details for configuring which contacts get pushed.

SigParser will not add a contact if a contact with the same email address already exists in either a Contact record or a Lead record. For Contacts the emailaddress1, emailaddress2, emailaddress3 fields are checked and for Leads emailaddress1 is checked.

Updating Dynamics 365 Contacts & Leads

SigParser finds contact matches by email address in the Dynamics fields emailaddress1, emailaddress2 and emailaddress3.

SigParser will update the following standard Dynamics 365 fields. It will only fill in missing values or values it previously set. If you have customized any of these fields you might see some differences in behavior.

(these field names are the "schemanames" in Dynamics, not the friendly names you see)

- Name - firstname, lastname

- Phone Numbers

- mobile_phone, (Business Phone) telephone1, (Home) telephone2

- Title - jobtitle

- Address Fields - address1_ fields

Fields Added by SigParser

SigParser adds two fields to your Dynamics 365 instance when the contact sync process runs to both Contacts and Leads.

  • Created by SigParser (new_createdby_sigparser) - Set whenever the record (Contact/Lead) is added by SigParser to Dynamics.

  • Last Modified by SigParser (new_lastmodifiedby_sigparser) - Set whenever SigParser created or updated the record last.

The Dynamics 365 admin for your organization will need to add these fields to the forms for Contacts and Leads. This video explains at 1:59 shows how to add custom fields to a form.

The friendly names and descriptions for these fields have translations for English, French, Spanish, German and Dutch.

How The Sync Process Works

  1. Every 8 - 24 hours

  2. If the first time pulling contacts

    • SigParser pulls every contact email address and ID for efficient sync operations

    • Otherwise, SigParser just pulls any new contacts or changes

  3. SigParser loops thru every contact with changes since the last sync job and checks if there are any matches in Dynamics 365 based on the local cache.

    • For any Contact or Leads with updates in SigParser

      • Pull the latest record from Dynamics

      • Updated any fields SigParser can update

      • Push the updated contact to Dynamics.

    • If creating Contancts and/or Leads is configured and no record exists in Dynamics

      • SigParser creates a new Contact/Lead in Dynamics.

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