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How are Accounts assigned to Contacts for a CRM sync?
How are Accounts assigned to Contacts for a CRM sync?
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SigParser uses the following rules when configured to assign an Account or Organization to a Contact when creating the Contact in a CRM system.

FYI: CRMs call Accounts different things. Some call them Organizations or Companies. In this document we'll call them Accounts.

Basic Logic

  1. Take the domain name of the contact (ignore public domain providers like

  2. Find all the contacts with that domain name in the CRM.

  3. If one Account is found for those Contacts then use that Account.

  4. If more than one Account is found pick the one with the most contacts.

Public Domains (

If the Contact's domain name is a public domain there is some special logic to still get those domains loaded into your CRM.

Create an Account with the Website field with the special value

SigParser will pick this Account for all contacts who meet the other requirements.

Splash Accounts

Some companies have one or two special Accounts where lots of contacts get dumped before being categorized to the proper Account. We call these splash accounts. Think about a website lead capture form for example. In this case we don't want to evaluate those splash accounts when determining a good Account to match a Contact to.

You can go to the Advanced Settings for a CRM connector sync and add in the splash Account IDs.

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