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Reconnect a Mailbox
Updated over a week ago

Mailboxes can become disconnected when:

  • Your admin changes security settings

  • Your Google or Microsoft 365 password changes

  • It has been more than 90 days since SigParser last checked your mailbox.

SigParser will send you 5 emails over 2 weeks to let you know we can't connect. But these emails can be easy to miss if you are busy.

Reconnecting a Mailbox

  • Log in to SigParser

  • Click on the Mailboxes link in the top blue bar

  • Find your mailbox in the list of mailboxes and click the name

  • Click the Reconnect button

  • Sign in to your email account to reconnect to SigParser

Once reconnected scroll to the bottom of the mailbox details page. You should see a job running fetching the latest emails.

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