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Learn more about Subscriptions and One-time History Scan purchase options.

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SigParser is free to get started and has flexible options to automatically import, cleanse, and export contact and company relationship data for individuals or teams. Visit the Plans & Pricing page for more info.

One Time History Scans

Scan all emails and calendar meetings for up to the past 10 years to find contact, company, and relationship data. Export data to Excel, CRM, or marketing applications.

  • One-time charge.

  • Charged per mailbox.

  • Pick which mailboxes you’d like to scan and how far back you’d like the scan to go.

  • Can scan 1, 2, 5, or 10 years of history on a selected mailbox.

  • Does not include ongoing scans.


  • Subscription plan billed monthly or annually.

  • For daily, ongoing mailbox scanning.

  • Pick a plan that best fits your needs: Individual, Team, Professional, or Enterprise.

  • Does not include historical scanning. Historical scans are an additional, one-time purchase per mailbox.

Developer API Plans

Developers can utilize API endpoints to parse contact details or messages from individual email and calendar meeting messages. Click here to learn more about our APIs and developer features.

Managing your Subscription

  • Payments and subscriptions securely managed through Stripe.

  • Cancel or adjust your subscription at any time.

  • In your SigParser account, go to Settings > Billing > select what option you’d like to view/manage*

    • *Must be an account Administrator or have Billing Permissions enabled to access.

Purchase Additional One Time History Scans

  • From the Dashboard, select Scan Old Emails.

  • Select which mailbox you'd like to scan and how much history to purchase.

  • Alternatively, you can go to the Mailboxes page and select Scan More next to the mailbox you'd like to scan.

Purchase a Subscription

  • From the Dashboard, select Scan New Emails.

  • You will be re-directed to Stripe to securely select your subscription option and pay.

If you have any questions, send us an email at You can also book a demo session HERE.

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